Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 8, 2016

So this week was fine. Sorry I´m doing a bad job of thinking of stories to tell you every week. There was a baptism this week so that´s exciting. Baptisms are always super stressful because it´s kinda the culmination of all the work we´ve done and we want it to be a spiritual experience for the person that gets baptised so it´s always a lot of pressure. The girl who got baptised name is lucero. She´s pretty cool. She had been going to church for a while in the Peru jungle and then she came here and said "I want to get baptised" so really it wasn´t a super long nor tedious experience. The baptism went really really well. I played the piano (uh oh) and the young women in the ward did a musical number. After the musical number lucero was basically crying her eyes out like crazy and went to the bathroom with all the 12 young women to stop crying so we could take the pictures so that was exciting. The baptism went well and everything was awesome and yesterday she got confirmed so I guess literally nothing went wrong :DDDDDD 

I guess the more exciting than the physical events this week was my mental state. I guess that what I mean is that I kinda got my thoughts figured out this week so now I´m more calm so that´s positive. I feel like I had just been living my life all normal for my whole life and then one day I just filled up some suitcases, said goodbye to everyone I knew and grabbed a quick plane to Mexico. My life just took a 180 degree turn, like a complete flip flip, there was absolutely NOTHING even remotely similiar in my life between those two moments. Then for the last 17 months I had just continued on in this life with a different name, different language, different everything everything everything. Sometimes I just cannot even imagine what it would be like to get back home and I start going insane just asking myself if my life is actually happening or is this just some psychotic dream where one day I will just wake up in a completely different world filled with english speaking white people who call me by a name I haven´t heard in literally years. Like how am I even supposed to consider what´s happening to me right now as memories when I have quite literally nothing to even connect them with my life after the mission. Sooo I guess I was getting stressed out realizing how fast the time was passing.

What helped me most is that I had an interchange with a kid this week who is suuupperrr cool. Like way cool. He´s from utah also. He got here at the same time as me (into the mission) but went home after one transfer in the field and just recently came back into the mission a few months ago. I guess talking to him and explaining my thoughts in english was quite the therapeutic experience.

I love all of you, the zone leader told me I got a letter this week but when I asked him who it was from he said "I don´t know, I don´t know english" so if you guys have sent me something then I guess I got it :D

Loves and loves,
Elder Mitchell

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