Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016

So this week was pretty good. Actually we worked like way hard and we found a lot of new investigators so that was super awesome. Also we got super way hard rejected a few times so that was kinda upsetting but whatever. One night we were just like walking through a park and this lady was like walking past me so I was just like "buenos noches" just to be nice and she like flung her arm out almost hitting me and yelled "...asdgha├▒lsdgih pincho!!". I didn´t understand anything she said really except that she didn´t want me to tell her to have a good night and when I asked the Elders quorum president what "pincho" means he said "it´s slang for penis" and I was like "um...... okaayyy" so Ill just stop trying to figure that out.

Also last night we like knocked on a guys door and he like freaked the heck out like "I DONT KNOW WHO YOU GUYS ARE DO YOU UNDERSTAND DO YOU UNDERSTAND DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!???" And we were just like ... "um ya man.. that´s okay".

Also I got kinda afraid of drunk people again because one of them almost killed my companion. He kept telling us he was from the police and he like grabbed my head and was trying to tell me a secret so i put my head next to his mouth and he just whispered "I´m police" as if he hadn´t said it like 1000 times already. Basically he totally freaked out and I was just like "um... I don´t know what to do in this kind of situationnnnnnn" but like our landlord came out of the house so he went away. But I was p traumatized so that´s okay.

Other than that we had some cool experiences. We went to go look for some less actives like on a mountain and we showed up and the people there were like "no that´s our brother and he´s not here" so my companion was like "that´s okay, can we teach you guys?" and they were all like "yeah guys get in our house with us" so we like went in and taught like a 6 people and like 2 families it was super cool. One of the ladies was like "i´m definitely coming to church this week" (even though she didn´t) and everyone was telling one of the guys to get baptized and he was basically like "I guess i´m just gonna get baptized then" so that was pretty cool.

Also something I haven´t mentioned is that I have given like 12 blessings in the last like 3 weeks. There was a week like 2 weeks ago where we gave like 2 every day. I worry about when I get back and someone is just like "give me a blessing" and I´ll just be like "umm.. yeah... I can but only in spanishhh... sorry"

Also I was thinking I would tell you about all my weird body issues. First off I had a way annoying coldsore in my mouth for like 2 weeks but it´s gone now. Also considering that Lima is basically an oven right now so after wearing my watch for like a week I got a rash that´s kinda in the shape of my watch... so yeah.

Sometimes I feel like my life could basically be summarized as "a series of unforunate events" but that´s okay.

Anyways everything is going awesome.

Love you guys,
Elder Mitchell

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