Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 23, 2016

So as I had mentioned last week there were transfers this past saturday. I guess I had been praying in my heart for like a week that I would train a new american companion for a long time so I was pretty tense when the district leader called us on Saturday night to tell us the changes. My companion left to a city like 2 hours from Lima called caƱete and I stayed in my area and my new companion´s name is Elder Barrera (refer to attached image) and guess what--- he`s from Herriman Utah. Native english speaker. Gringo. Gringo. Party. Party. So that was basically the greatest thing I had ever heard in my life. Also this transfer is going to be 8 weeks long so that`s weird but we`ll probably be together for all of this transfer and the next because I`m still p new in the area so that`s pretty cool beans if you know what I mean.

Other than that this week hasn`t been super eventful. I`m going to do a fireside in the ward to excite the members to share the gospel on March 13th and I`m still teaching english classes every week in a failing attempt to find new investigators. Silly unrelated sidestory - yesterday we had a lesson with a less active who has been really sick because he has diabetes (he`s super thin and is having a really hard time walking and moving his limbs) and he`s in pretty bad shape. He is super awesome though and has a ton of fire for the gospel and he wants his wife and kids to get baptised. So we`re in the lesson having a spiritual experience in the lesson when all of a sudden he`s just like "wait... I have a question, I keep having dreams about limes and every night... why is that?" So i was like "... um, well I assume that it`s because of your diabetes and that you have a deficience of sugar and maybe citrice so you dream about it because your body is craving it... but let`s get back to talking about Jesus, yeah?" lololol like whateven limes and orange super silly.

Other story: Yesterday we got up at 5:30 am to go to the transfer house. My companion got into the shower and I went over and ironed my shirt. I set it down and went over and got into the shower after him. Then I got out of the shower, put on some pants and started looking for my shirt and it had 100% COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED So I just started looking like ALL OVER THE APARTMENT like in any place it could POSSIBLY be (it`s like a small room) and I could not find it anywhere! So I started questioning my companion like "are you sure you didn`t accidentally put it in your suitcase in the last 5 minutes?" but he insisted that he had no idea. So I was all upset as I put on a wrinkly shirt because there wasn`t time to iron another one and we left. We got into the taxi and I told the story to the member who was taking us but I finished the story with "so now we know my companion is a robber" lololol. So anyways I never found the shirt and I keep bothering my companion about giving it back (I don´t believe he actually took it) but still.

Also slightly related story: I saw two guys kiss on the way to the transfer house and I was super traumatized ._.

Anyways so I`m practicing my english a lot now so maybe I`ll be a pro before I get home even though neither of us really know how to talk very well but I`m probably getting better.

Spiritual experience: So we`re teaching a family that`s SUPER AWESOME. Before they were just good but now they`re progressing a lot and HOLLYYY COWWW it`s going way well. The moms name is Milagros, the dad`s name is Abdias and the daughters name is Angie. So Angie is 15 years old and is basically satan himself reincarnated. She refuses to live at home and keeps running away to live in the street doing who knows what bad things- 15 years old. We took renzo to the lesson yesterday and when we left he made the comment "that girl was looking at me a lot" so I pulled out my portable furnace to get him crispy with some good old doctrine based verbal abuse because that`s not allowed for him to be looking at that girl. Or any girl for that matter. The lesson was super spiritual though and they read the chapter we left like 6 times and the dad is progressing (and experiences multiple miracles this week) and the mom declared that she "doesn`t have to pray to have a testimony because she already knows it`s true" So now all they have to go is get commited to be baptised and get married and then we`ll get dunken` in the baptismal font  #completefamilies

Anyways so everything is going really well. Mom go have a good time with sally.

thanks, loves,
Elder Mitchell

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