Sunday, February 7, 2016

January 25, 2016

So this week was actually not exciting at all, so that´s a disappointment.

Just one small story from this morning. So I guess some dog in the street had eaten a peruvian sol (worth a little more than a quarter) and then pooped it out on the sidewalk outside of where we live. That leaded both me and my companion to have to stand there in front of it contemplating if it would be worth it to get it or not. We decided against it.

So there´s a kid in our ward here is super funny. His name is Renzo (lolwat), but really he´s like the funniest person I´ve ever met. He has a ton of stories where the craziest stuff happens to him. Example: A few weeks ago he had taken a bus to the northern part of Lima (like an hour away). He got off the bus and started walking around when he realized that all of his money had fallen out of his pocket. So basically he just got stranded in Lima at like midnight walking around amelessly like looking for change on the sidewalk because he had no way of contacting his family and had no money. He said that he "walked around lost for 4 hours" until 4 O CLOCK IN THE MORNING when he realized that he would have to start begging people for money. I guess the problem was that he was kinda shy and nervious even though that´s how anyone would feel if they were to start begging people for money at 4 o´clock in the morning. So he said that he spent the next hour wandering around nerviously approaching people and trying to make friends with them so that they would give him money. According to him it took him about an hour to get the equivelent of one dollar to take 2 busses to get back home. The funny thing is that when he would beg people for money they would always say things like "you´re not going to use it for your drugs, are you?" and then he would say "no I don´t do drugs because I´m mormon" (even though he was less active) and then he would start talking about joseph smith and start reciting the first vision so that they would give him money hahahahahhaa.

The other thing we do is that there´s some dumb peru movie called "asu madre" and I guess in the money there´s a dumb kid with a speech empairment. They say that in one part he tries to say "mi causa, pata clown" (pataclown is a retarded peru show with clowns) but since he has the talking problem he says it "micasakataclaus" So now every time we talk to Renzo we all just start screaming "MISCAUSAKATACLAUSKATACLAUSMICAUSA" and it is sooo funnyyyyy. Last night to mess with the district leader when he called I answered by screaming "MICAUSACATACLAUS" and he was like "yeah... elder mitchell I need...." but my companion almost passed out laughing. Then this morning we made renzo carry some lifting weights 5 blocks so we could do exercise even though some idiot lady got mad at us telling us that we couldn´t do exercise in that place but whatever.

Today for p day we´re going to go climb the mountains surrounding our area with Renzo and some other crazy YSA so that should be fun. Also there´s a member who has a restaurant that gives us free food on p days so that´s super exciting also.

Anyways, everything is going well. We have a few people who are going to get baptized on February 6th and on February 20th. sups excites.

Anyways, everything is going well. It´s not so hot in lima because the sun never comes out (plzkillmegracias) so that´s good.

We teach a lot and we have adventures pretty much every day just talking to people and just waiting for the next weird thing to happen every day.

I love you guys,

Elder Mitchell

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