Monday, June 13, 2016

April 25, 2016

So this was a good week. I´m mostly just trying to get my thoughts all organized enough so that I figure out what the heck is going on in this area and what do we need to do to change and to have success. This week has defitely started off on fire with me getting to know all of the ward leaders, leaving waste of time less actives, giving motivational speeches in Elders quorum and finding new investigators. I had formal meetings with both bishops, the ward mission leader, the elders quorum president and then other meetings with the bishop from Pisco Pueblo.

We have a really good pension that is really nice and gives us food a lot for dinner so that´s great. Also she put patches in 2 of my pants because after a few years my bag has worn holes in the back-right-buttcheek part of the pants, The pocket made it so you couldn´t see anything but it´s nice for it to be fixed anyways. I have no idea at what time we´ll be skyping at for Mothers day. Just leave that whole sunday open for now, I´ll talk to my companion about it this week.

There´s still a lot of cockroaches in the room. I have officially found out that they all live in the microwave, if you could look up online "how to get rid of cockroaches in microwave" and send me a way to do that without damaging the microwave that would be great.

Anyways, Im outta time, disculpe

I love you,
Elder Mitchell

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