Monday, June 13, 2016

May 2, 2016

So this was a really good week. I wrote down a few major occurences to tell you guys about.

First of all, I don`t know if you guys looked up about Pisco online, but if you haven`t then go do it. It`s basically a beach town/city. It`s pretty cool. The people are definitely very wicked but surprisingly receptive. I`ve seen more transgender  (men to women) in the last week then I`ve seen in my whole life. It`s super weird. Especially the one with a hair salon right next to where we lives. He is black, has his hair very long and bleached and always wears mini shorts, like, the jeans kind.

Sacrament meetings are pretty crazy always. Yesterday a guy got up to give his testimony but when he was getting up he wacked up knee on the bench. it was very loud. He limped up to the pulpet and said "Don`t worry about my knee... it hurts a lot, but I`m trying to be... masculine" super funny

We put 3 baptismal dates this week so that`s super awesome. They`re all with adults and 2 of them are men and they`re all normal people who are progressing so that`s super exciting.

Sorry I`m out of time,
I love you guys
Elder Mitchell

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