Monday, June 13, 2016

May 9, 2016

So I guess since we talked on skype yesterday I don´t have a ton to talk about.

The area basically just crashed and died this week, so that´s the negative side of things. I´m not actually sure on what happened but we had almost no lessons and nobody came to church and all of the baptismal dates fell through. We´ve been teaching some really good people that I still see a lot of hope in.

The firsts name is Juan. He is married but separated. We found him through working with the elders quorum president and a recent convert named Herbert. He´s been having a lot of problems in his life recently after separating from his wife. Basically the story is that he was drinking a lot, he cheated on her, she cheated on him, they got separated, now she is living with some other guys and Juan is all upset because they´re not legally divorced yet (as if they were when he cheated) but that´s what´s happening. He told us that he recognized that he had a decision between just become an alcoholic or looking for something better, he picked something better. We´re helping him to fill the hole he has in his life with the loss of his family with the gospel and to help him to find peace in the atonement of Jesus Christ. I want to help him get his family back but I think he already kinda lost that one, but maybe :D He hasn´t been answering his phone to us, the elders quorum president says he got in a fight with Herbert and neither of them came to church yesterday (what the heck). Imma have to get my "nut kickin´ boots" out because I´m not losing this guy because of some stupid misunderstanding.

The seconds name is Anthony. He is also married and separated. He is 20 years old and teaches in two different elementary schools. Him and his wife have one daughter and are planning on getting back together again so that´s awesome. Anthony has a bunch of members of his family that are members of the church and he used to go to church with his grandma when he was little. He´s super awesome but he needs to gosh dang read the scriptures and come to church. Super cool kid, not enough faith. We have an appointment with him for tonight.

Third is a lady named Virginia. She was being visited by the missionaries a few years ago (?) where she basically became converted. She was going to church but something happened and she had to leave Pisco for a few weeks or something for work and she lost contact with the church. We found her and she is interested in getting baptised. She still reads the book of mormon every day and carries it around with her all the time. We´re having problems staying in touch with her. She´s kinda older, maybe like 60 years old or something.

I´m getting along really well with my companion. No problems.

I guess that´s basically everything. How old is Rebecca? isn´t she like 16 now? When my companion asked me last night how old my siblings were I said "my oldest sister is 16... wait.. I don´t think she´s 16 any more" I guess Sarah is turning 18 this month, right? Is rebecca 15 and turning 16 in November?? How old is Will. I feel like he´s turning 4 in July but I´m not sure on that one either. I guess it´s just weird for me to look at all of you and realize that you´re not all the same as when I left. There´s a huge difference between a 13 year old and a 15 year old. Also a 10 year old and a 12 year old. I guess I´ll just have to get used to it :D

Anyways, everything is going great, love you guys.

Read the book of mormon every day. I mean every every day. If you read it with the question in mind of "how is this important?" you will find why it is important.

Elder Mitchell

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