Monday, June 13, 2016

May 31, 2016

So this was a good week, at least more or less. That´s a huge bummer and kinda shocking about dad and the car. At least it sounds like everything is alright.

First off this week was transfers. My companion left to Lima to Villa María (where I came from, not the same area but the same zone) and my new companion is Elder Morales, who also is coming from Villa María. I knew him from before coming here so that was cool. He´s definitely one of the most down to earth companion that I´ve had. We´ve been getting along really really well ever since he got here. It´s almost kinda worrying at how fast we got into a casual relationship, things could get dangerous with me getting all trunky 😈 Elder M is from Peru, from Chiclayo, he´s got like 6 months in the mission so he´s kinda newer. This is his second area.

Actually I´ve been doing really good I feel like. I have been pretty focused. I´ve been talking to some other missionaries from my group and they sound like they´re basically already mentally at home hahhaha - it´s gonna be a 2 transfers for them. Whatevs.

So as far as the work goes, I think I told you about J last week, the one who got out of rehab not that long ago. We had a good lesson at the beginning of the week but the next day his family gave him 20 soles to go buy something (like 6 dollars) and he never came back 😦😑 So i guess that leaving everything behind was worth $6 so that happened. We´re going to go see if we can find him at his moms house today to see if he´s there. If not then well... that sucks but okay.

We found a new family of investigators this week. The husband´s name is S and the wife is L. L is really excited and super awesome, S not so much but we´ll se if he gets more excited with the time. We talked about the plan of salvation a lot with them because they had questions about that. S´s mom died when he was a baby and his sister took care of him and his siblings for their whole lives until she died in the earthquake. We´re hoping that knowing that helps us to help him to become more interested in our message.

We went to paracas last week. It´s like a national reserve here in pisco, we went to the beach and to see some rock formations by a cliff. We saw some dolphins. Nobody fell off so that´s good. Today we´re going to go play some volleyball so that´s exciting. Basically can´t even stay still with all this excitement in me. :D

Anyways, I guess that´s everything. Just remember that everything will always work out. When we put God first then everything will always work out.

Elder Mitchell

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