Monday, June 13, 2016

May 16, 2016

So I was casually walking through a paper store (?) when I found something like a grease pencil? I figured it would be pretty cool so I bought it and drew some pictures before going to bed. The colors I did with highlighters.

Anyways, this was a good week. Actually as far as the work goes it probably couldn´t have gone any worse. I mentioned to you guys last week about how there was some conflict going on between H (recent convert) and Juan (the investigators). Anyways, I was right, definitely conflict. So what happened I guess is that H has his ex-girlfriend that he´s still in love with. I always understood that she lives in Lima. She apparently doesn´t want anything to do with him. She just so happens to work in a fish packing place over on the beach. Juan fixes refrigeration systems in a fish packing place... over on the beach. J and H's ex-girfriend just so happen to work together.

So I guess that there wasn´t really anything going on but J and the girl were talking at work and H found out. So he´s super obsesive, thus he came up with a scheme to fix the situation. His plan was to create multiple fake facebook profiles and then seduce J so that he would stop thinking about Herberts ex-girlfriend. The problem is that it worked.

So J like starts falling in love with this girl he´s never met on facebook but that he likes a lot and you know when guys are into girls they say all kinds of weird flirty things and then she starts doing it too, but then when the girl is actually a guys and your friend then things just get super weird. So J found out that H was doing it and confronted him about it but H just completely denies it, which just makes J more upset. Now J feels all embarressed that he was flirting with a dude so he doesn´t want to come to church any more. Plus his wife is living with another dude now and filed a court case against Juan so everything just sucks for him. He´s been really busy so we haven´t been able to visit him this week and he didn´t come to church on Sunday, probably because he still doesn´t want to see H. At least H came to church :D

Anyways, on Saturday we did like a zone community service project thing where we basically just went out and swept the streets for like 3 hours so that was super exciting. We got to wear the helping hands shirt things so that´s a plus I guess.

Also on Thursday we went to Chincha for a multizone training with president. It was really cool, they talked a lot about the sacrament and the sabbath. I learned a lot. I translated for sister mcginn again which is always exciting. Not sure why she picks me. President and his wife are definitely getting on fire and are getting a lot more used to the mission now. The training was really awesome, the mission is on a huge down and like 80 missionaries are leaving between now and October so they´re losing all of the experienced missionaries. In my group there were 19 gringos and like 5 latinos. The group leaving next transfer had like 10 at least, and then the 2 after me have like 20 a piece also. Which is really weird. Pretty much all of the missionaries got here around the same time so they´re all leaving around the same time.

Anyways, everything is going pretty well. We´re excited to work, transfers are next week and then I am officially starting my second to last transfers. And my last transfer with only be like 4 weeks so that´s happening

I love you guys,
Elder Mitchell

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