Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016


So this was a good week... more or less.

On Thursday Elder Rasband came so that was super cool. I thought it was going to be the same as when Elder Bednar came where all of the 5 missions in Lima were going to be there but there were only Lima East and South and the MTC. We got to shake his hand so I have officially touched Elder Rasband so that´s pretty exciting.  He said some cool stuff so that´s... cool. Definitely left feeling inspired, I learned a lot.

While we were there I was just casuallly sitting around when the sister missionary in front of me turns around and says "You´re Elder Mitchell?" and then I was like "um yes" and then she says "Were you in Ica?" and I was like "um yes" and then she was like "Do you remember teaching someone named Carlos G?" and I was like "negativo" and then she says "Well he got baptized and he was telling us that he felt bad because he said that an Elder Mitchell and another missionary from Argentina had taught him his first few lessons and that they had had some of the biggest impact on him but that he didn´t have any way to get into contact with you or anything and he doesn´t want you to think that he never got baptized"
After she told me that I definitely still didn´t remember who he was BUT after a full 33 hours of extreme meditation I finally realized who it was and I only had to look through all of my agendas like crazy. But that was super nice and it made me feel good knowing that  that had happened. Imma write him a letter today. But anyways that was super cool.

Also just throwing this out there but I printed off some pictures this week and I realized that dad has gotten really skinny. I feel like he´s neer been fat but he´s significantly smaller than before. If it weren´t for the wrinkles he would look a lot younger :D

ALSO, another story. So my companion from the MTC, Elder Krantz, was a zone leader in Lima one time. Apparently he had acquired an extremely large avocado from south of Lima (I guess they just have huge avocados there) and for one reason or another he decided to plant it. Then he begins looking for a place to plant it, which after only a moment of searching he finds a glass nutella jar. So he throws some dirt into the nutella jar and begins trying to insert the large avocado pit into the jar of dirt. He quickly realizes that the pit is "almost" too big to fit into the jar. So to get it in he begins shoving with both hands to get the avocado pit into the glass nutella jar when (noises of glass shattering followed by screaming) he cuts his hand and fingers wide open.
So at first he doesn´t feel it because of the shock, but he definitely gets scared at what appears to be his hand giving birth to a pile of dirt with blood beginning to spill all over the floor. To make a long story short he ended up having to clean out a bunch of the dirt, and then go to the hospital so that they could give him many many shots into the palm of his hand and into his fingertips. You´ll have to ask me to tell you about the shots story because it´s super funny but it can´t be told in writing. You have to listen to the reanacted screaming to get the full effect.

Anyways he got a nice phone call from president shortly after hahahhahaha.

So the missionary work wasn´t that great this week. We found a new investigator who is this invalid (can´t walk) lady with daibetes. The lesson was basically what happens when someone who´s really prideful tries to be humble so it was actually just a disaster and she wouldn´t let us talk and what we did say she didn´t remember because she was busy distracting herself. We´re working with the members better now that my companion is trying to work with them instead of just trying to be their friend. Not that being friends with the members is bad but my last companion would take like 3 showers a day and was so worried about what people thought of him that he never actually got around to doing anything important (developing christlike attributes, studying, or not being the most superficial person in all of peru) We got along but it was more of a patience and tolerance kinda thing, you know?

We´re teaching a few people still and we´re trying to get back into contact with a few people that we had lost contact with to help them to progress. Also we contacted a lot of really good people so we´re hoping to find more new investigators this week.

Anyways, thanks a ton for my byu schedule. We´re going back to Paracas today so that´s pretty exciting. I love you guys a ton,

Elder Mitchell

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